On Sale! 3M Fibrlok II Universal Optical Fiber Splice –

On Sale! 3M Fibrlok II Universal Optical Fiber Splice –

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3M Fibrlok II Universal Optical Fiber Splice Model Number 2529

Fiber Optic Parts 3M Fibrlok II Fiber Optic Test

3M Fibrlok II Fibrlok-II Universal Optical Fiber Splice Models On Sale Warranty Calibration Backed by The Best Service and Lowest Prices in the Industry.

3M connectors include ferrules that are pre-radiused to minimize insertion and return loss. Hot Melt Connectors are available in ST, FC and SC styles, both single-mode and multimode. 3M™ Crimplok™ ST and SC connectors can be easily installed without the need for power or space. Angle polished FC and SC connectors provide maximum reduction of reflectance.

Fiber Optic Parts 3M Fibrlok II

The 3M™Fibrlok™Mechanical Optical Splice is the leading mechanical splice in the fiber optic industry. The 3M™Fibrlok™II Universal Optical Fiber Mechanical Splice 2529 can easily splice any combination of 250 or 900 micron coated fibers with inexpensive tooling and no electrical power.

Cable Assemblies provide interconnect capabilities between equipment and distribution panels and equipment to equipment. 3M offers pigtails, jumpers, Accuribbon fanouts, and pre-connectorized multi-fiber cable assemblies.

* 1 Package 3M Fibrlok II 2529 Universal Fiber Splice (6 ct.)

3M Fibrlok II


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